Smart Energy News

When co-workers and office teams collaborate to save energy, everybody wins.

August 11, 2015

Duke Energy’s first Captains’ Team Meeting

At Duke Energy we believe in “walking the walk” and demonstrating our continued commitment to sustainability. For this reason, we are excited to join the Smart Energy in Offices initiative and will soon be kicking off our first energy savings campaign.

We recently held our first energy captains meeting in one of Duke Energy’s downtown Charlotte buildings. An energy captain was chosen to represent each floor of the building and to generate awareness and interest among their respective teams. Lots of great ideas were shared on how to make our first campaign successful and fun for all participants. As a result of our meeting, Duke Energy captains elected to launch the “Crab, You’re It!” campaign in mid-September. We are excited to start engaging our teams and take action! Stay tuned as we’ll share our results at the end of our campaign!

By collaborating and working together we aim to not only reduce energy consumption in our building but make energy heroes out of all of our employees. Every little action we take will help make our communities stronger and more sustainable for future generations.

What campaigns are you interested in launching with your company to make an impact? Will it be “Crab! You’re It,” “Cool Choices,” “Energy Vampire Stakeout.”? What about “Adopt a Light” or “Resolve to Revolve”? There are a number of fun campaign options to choose from to best suit the culture of your office. Contact your Smart Energy in Offices Engagement Manager or email to find out more. Don’t forget to share your stories and pictures with us @DE_SmartEnergy