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Spotlight on: Marcus Carson, Mecklenburg County Sustainability Manager

November 30, 2015

There are several key roles involved in executing a successful SEiO campaign. One of those roles is that of the Coach, who works closely with the SEiO team to recruit captains and help with logistics throughout the campaign.

We recently caught up with Marcus Carson, who is the SEiO Coach for Mecklenburg County—which has ~5,000 employees. Next year, Mecklenburg County will roll out a series of SEiO campaigns focused on changing behaviors and creating new energy-saving habits in the workplace.

What is your current role?

MC: I am the Sustainability Manager for Mecklenburg County; on October 20th, I will have been with the county for one year! I’m also currently working on my Master’s in Sustainability through Wake Forest University.

Was it this job that brought you to Charlotte?

MC: No, I came to the Charlotte area to go to Davidson College, where I graduated in May 2013 and then worked as a Fellow in the Sustainability Office for 1.5 years. During that time, I worked on a number of different sustainability projects for the College, including managing the Sustainability Scholars program. It was actually a connection I made through the program that helped lead me to my current position.

What do you see as the biggest opportunity for energy efficiency in offices that only involves behavior change?

MC: Nowadays everyone has multiple devices at their desks, and we need to be more aware of this trend. An average employee’s desk can have a computer—with two monitors for a lot of people—a phone, tablet, etc. We need to understand the energy use that’s lying on our own desks, especially when you think about leaving all of these devices on and plugged in all day and night. We need to show people how easy it is to switch off and unplug all of those devices, and the difference that can make.

How will SEiO support your effort to engage employees in 2016?

MC: I think what I’m most excited about for our 2016 rollout is the HQ portal. The HQ is an exciting opportunity for employees to take advantage of because it makes it easy for them to engage and is educational at the same time. All they have to do is go to one place to understand what the campaign involves and record their activity there too!

Tell us something fun about Charlotte—your favorite place or something to do…bonus points if it’s green related!

MC: I love the Mecklenburg County greenway system. There are actually current efforts to expand the system, which is great. I actually ride my bike on the greenway to commute to work!