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Spotlight on: Greenville County’s “Crab You’re It” Campaign

August 13, 2015

Greenville County employees—over 2,000 of them—recently participated in SEiO’s “Crab You’re It” campaign and had great results. Not only did employees log their actions in SEiO’s Smart Energy HQ Portal, but they took it a step further: throughout the campaign, some employees wrote their initials on the crabs when they crabbed a colleague in order to add fun to the competition. A few employees even used social media to showcase their new habits of turning off monitors, task lighting, and overhead lights. We caught up with Ty Houck, Director of Greenways, Natural and Historic Resources for Greenville County Recreation Department and Shannon Herman, Assistant to the County Administrator for Greenville County to gain some insight into their success.

How would you describe the campaign?
GC: Overall, “Crab You’re It” was very fun and definitely memorable.

What was something that surprised you about the campaign?
GC: It was definitely interesting to see how different people reacted to the campaign—some personalities took to it instantly, while others took a while to warm up to the crabbing. We knew throughout the campaign, though, that even if some folks didn’t take to it, we still had a lot of people who were making progress towards our goal, and even more who were becoming aware of energy conservation methods.

Did you notice a change in behavior right away?
GC: The shift happened quickly. We were shocked that even just a week into the campaign, tons of lights and monitors were being turned off!

What are some suggestions that you have for other organizations participating in a campaign?
GC: Specifically for the “Crab You’re It” campaign, we launched the campaign by crabbing folks during their lunch hour—when employees came back from lunch, they were surprised to find out that most of them had been crabbed! Everyone took notice and wanted to get rid of their crabs ASAP.

Another thing we would suggest is for organizations to get HR involved. HR will likely know who to suggest as captains and how to help captains deploy the campaign…they can be a great resource.

Finally, it was fun when employees utilized social media. Some folks even took their crabs on vacation with them to showcase that they were taking their new habits beyond the office space! (Remember, you can tweet us at @DE_SMARTENERGY.)

Are employees still turning off their lights?
GC: Yes! Even after the campaign, the habits have stuck. For the most part, employees continue to turn off their monitors and lights when they leave their desk, which is great to see.
If you would like to participate in a “Crab You’re It” campaign or any of our other tenant campaigns, please contact your Smart Energy in Offices Engagement Manager ().