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Employee Engagement: Engaging through in-group connecting

November 1, 2017

Employee Engagement: Engaging through in-group connecting

In past Employee Engagement Special Series articles, we covered the perspective of getting buy-in, we emphasized the importance of recruiting Energy Champions to propel a challenge forward, and we provided tips on ways to encourage employees to participate and how to engage through competition to maximize your opportunity for success.

In this article, we focus on the science of engaging and connecting within a group, and why “in-group connecting” is important. To understand the science of engaging, we must first look at what it means for an individual to feel engaged, in general, and more importantly in the workplace, where we spend at least half, if not more, of our total waking hours during any given work day[1].

Feeling engaged means that our efforts are worthwhile and they matter to ourselves and to a greater good. You have a sense of pride and loyalty in performing your job for your company. The feeling of engagement is crucial for a human’s happiness and well-being, which is very beneficial to a company’s bottom line.

“Engaged employees experience more moments of happiness and interest, and fewer moments of stress and sadness, during the course of their workday.”[2]

While our brains are wired a certain way to go through a complex process of deciding how and when we feel engaged, researchers have found out that the impact of in-group connecting is strong[3], and SEiO challenges provide an easy vehicle for fostering in-group connecting, among employees from all walks of life and across all departments. All you need is a common interest in saving energy in the workplace while having some competitive fun.

For the SEiO tenant energy challenges, the SEiO Energy Champions are crucial. These individuals can use their influence to increase involvement in challenges. They can form teams or in-groups which brings office workers together. Having a common purpose like saving energy and helping the environment, enhances in-group connection and creates connection and shared interest – all of which have a positive impact on employee engagement.

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