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Employee Engagement: Engaging through Competition

June 1, 2017

Employee Engagement: Engaging through Competition

SEiO challenges spur friendly competition

In this article in the Employee Engagement Special Series, we focus on the science of competition, and how human nature compels people to want to challenge themselves and others. In past engagement articles, we covered the perspective of getting buy-in, emphasized the importance of recruiting Captains to propel a challenge forward, and provided tips on ways to encourage employees to participate to maximize the opportunity for success.

Now that the tenant challenge platform is mobile on the Happen App and the leaderboard is so easily accessible, the competition factor of the SEiO challenge is a quick and easy way to get employees engaged.

One way to conceptualize a person’s drive to compete can be learned from author Francesco Duina, whose book “Winning: Reflections on an American Obsession” discusses how it is not just the winning that brings satisfaction, but the thrill of a close competition. He goes on to say, “Having a winning mindset has its obvious advantages. It generates intensity, determination and effort, and often success can fill our lives with meaning.” In a busy stress-filled workday, any chance to add some fun and also encourage meaningful interactions is a win-win. When employees compete in energy saving actions in the SEiO challenges, they are doing just that, simply with a click of the mouse or a tap of the finger.

Also interesting to note is the concept that, “We're more likely to cooperate with someone in our real lives after we’ve played a social game with them involving a cooperative mission.”

When trying to encourage your fellow employees to work together toward both overarching business goals and toward camaraderie in the office, the SEiO challenges offer a convenient vehicle for both. After all, challenge is one of the keys to staying engaged, and as we know, engaged employees are known to be happier and more productive at their jobs.