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We Heated Up the Energy Savings

June 1, 2017

We Heated Up the Energy Savings

Top 5 individual action takers for Winter Warm Up Challenge

The SEiO community should be very proud of the important energy-saving actions that were taken during the four-week Winter Warm Up challenge. We can make a difference and reduce how much energy we use each day. As a community, 104 users logged 1,631 energy-saving actions such as Love the Light, Snowball Effect and Ugly Sweater. Our top two participating communities were Durham and Charlotte, ranked by the total number of actions taken.

A special congratulations to our top five action takers for Winter Warm Up, calculated by the number of actions taken, and as reflected on the leaderboard. All employees work in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center.

Together, we continue to make great strides toward reducing our energy consumption, and we created a flurry of green actions to inspire new habits during Winter Warm Up.