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SEiO Success Story: Krystal King and Amelia Beonde

June 1, 2017

SEiO Success Story: Krystal King and Amelia Beonde

CMGC's King and Beonde compete and motivate with SEiO

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center (CMGC) has become a top-performing office for SEiO. Having Energy Captains and offering a special incentive helped to improve employee participation.

For city of Charlotte employees, coworkers, and friends Krystal King and Amelia Beonde, the 9th floor of the CMGC set the stage for a friendly yet fierce competition. King, a Procurement Administrative Officer, and Beonde, a Services and Technology Supervisor, found a common interest in saving energy around their office, and used the SEiO challenges to encourage others to do the same. King even stepped up and volunteered to be a Captain, a role that includes "things like sending reminder emails, encouraging others to participate, providing guidance on how to play or download the app," she explained.

For the Procurement team, a normal day is very busy and fast-paced, but they found it easy to maintain productivity even while participating "because of the electronic interface and the simple actions which took only moments to complete and record," explained Beonde. When the city of Charlotte management raised the stakes and offered a half-day of vacation to both the individual participant with the most SEiO points, and the Energy Captain whose floor had the most points, King and Beonde spurred the competition by checking leaderboard status on the app and reminding each other often who was in the lead.

The results have paid off. During the Fall Off challenge in the fall of 2016, CMGC was the top-participating building and together King and Beonde logged almost 15 percent of the total challenge actions taken overall. For the subsequent Winter Warm Up challenge in early 2017, they kicked up the competition and even more CMGC employees participated. The city staff ended up with a clean sweep of the top five participants for overall SEiO challenge participation, and more than 20 percent of the total actions were taken by CMGC employees.

As for the added incentive, Beonde was the individual participant with the most points so she earned a half-day of vacation, and as the Energy Captain for the floor, so did King. That's where the competition ended and the camaraderie took over, when Beonde donated her half-day to King, so she would have a full day of vacation, which would probably come in handy with a baby at home and another on the way. Beonde concluded, “For us, the SEiO energy challenges are a fun way to bring friendly competition to the workplace with the common goal to save energy.”

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